Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2

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    Developer - Treyarch
    Publisher - Activision
    Platform - Wii U, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC
    Release date - N/A
    Genre - First-person shooter
    Mode - Single-player, multiplayer, Co-op





    • HD Experience: The title features the most advanced textures, lighting and shadowing systems in series history, all of which are on full display on Wii U.

    • Second-Screen Gameplay: Utilizing Wii U’s second-screen experience with the Wii U GamePad™, Call of Duty: Black Ops II players can join the action in a full Call of Duty experience from the second-screen. Plus, with the state of the art Wii Touchscreen, gamers can view multiplayer maps, call in score streaks and choose loadouts.

    • Expanded Functionality: Players have the option of using Wii U’s split-screen functionality to use both the GamePad™ and the Wii U Pro controller. Wii U also supports up to four controllers, including the Nintendo Wii Remote™ and Nunchuck.

    • Controller Choices: Use the GamePad touch screen to customize controls in real-time, or switch at any time to use another controller of your choice, including:
    o Wii Remote
    o Classic Controller Pro
    o Game Pad
    o WiiU Pro Controller


    • All-New Create-A-Class: Create-a-class has been re-imagined, introducing players to a new “pick-10” allocation system, allowing an unprecedented number of combinations of create-a-class content. Players no longer have to take content from each category; instead, trade items from one category for extra items in another – any combination of 10 items makes almost anything possible.

    • New Score Streaks: Score Streaks reward players for helping their team win the game: capturing flags, defending your teammate with an assault shield, getting kills and assists are all examples of actions that help your team win and thus give you score. Each action has a different value and can influence the theater of operations.

    • eSports on Wii U via League Play: Competition is fun at any level, which is why Treyarch has introduced League Play, offering skill-based matchmaking and seasonal ladders. Play a small number of matches to get your skill rating, and from there, you’ll be placed into a division with players of similar skill. Keep winning and you’ll move up in rank – steady progress will move you up the ladder and into upper divisions. Skill-based matchmaking ensures that you are challenged but not out-gunned. League play is for everyone. Additionally, CODcasting is part of the mix, allowing fans to commentate their favorite games.

    • Upgraded Weapons, Attachments and Equipment: Near-future warfare means upgrades in technology that soldiers will use in the field. Additionally, weapon perks are now built into the attachments.

    • More Multiplayer: Call of Duty: Black Ops II on Wii U includes Challenges, Core & Party Game Modes, Custom Games, Combat Training, Theater Enhancements, Emblem Editor and Prestiging.
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    New trailer
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    Ou seja, um CoD: Black Ops 2 nada capado. :)
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    Exclusive Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Dev Session

    Just in case you weren't excited enough about the impending release of Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 on the Wii U, UK site Eurogamer has confirmed that Treyarch game design director David Vonderhaar will be holding a developer session at this year's Eurogamer Expo.

    The session will take place at 3PM on Friday 28th September, and goes by the name of "Challenging Assumptions".

    We'll be at the event - which is set to feature Wii U in a big way - and providing on-the-spot coverage. In the meantime, you can peruse the complete list of confirmed developer sessions at this year's Expo by pointing your browser here - the Hideo Kojima one should be a highlight.
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    Pessoal isto é um multiplataforma. Está na secção errada.
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    Realmente anda por aqui perdido...

    De qualquer forma comprei-o recentemente, e ainda há pessoal online a jogar este jogo na WiiU, o que não deixa de ser extraordinário.
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