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  • MegaDeTh_360 8 Jun 2011 17:28:56 4 posts
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    Fez-me rir.
  • MegaDeTh_360 8 Jun 2011 17:29:35 4 posts
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    Mensagem eliminada
  • unknown05 8 Jun 2011 17:46:16 515 posts
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    para ficar completo? xD este jogo é sei lá quantas vezes mais completo que GT5. eu tenho PS3 e GT5 e quando vejo vídeos do Forza até fico com pena deste não sair também na PS3. GT5 para mim é uma demo do que poderia ser um jogo completo, parece um jogo quase da geração passada passo a citar o porquê da minha afirmação:

    - garagem de carros incompleta em termos de premium e standart (onde é que isto já se viu?),
    - garagem super desactualizada (nem sei em que ano os produtores da PD ficaram lol),
    - alterações climáticas todas muito bonitinhas e tal mas disponível em 4 ou 5 pistas,
    - praticamente as mesmas pistas das versões anteriores,
    - fazer alterações no carro apenas 100% no interior (as alterações exteriores pode ser que com sorte sejam equivalentes à do Forza 3 no GT6, isto se sair enquanto for vivo claro lol),
    - gráficos defeituosos no que toca a sombras e fumo libertado dos pneus em que o relevo do carro passa de 1.000.000 de pixels (ex. atenção!), para 10 ou 20 pixels,
    - danos a 100% que só são desbloqueados após uma eternidade de horas perdidas no jogo,
    - e muito mais, não se fica só por aqui mas não me apetece escrever.

    se pudesse trocar o meu GT5 pelo Forza 3 ou 4 nem pensava duas vezes. Após isto tudo deixo os meus parabéns à Turn10 que tem revelado ser uma óptima produtora, oferecendo jogos completos e actualizados aos jogadores :)

  • Apagar utilizador 10 Junho 2011 23:27:06
    Forza 4 Top Gear test track
  • Abrotea 11 Jun 2011 15:27:56 344 posts
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    25 minutos do produtor a falar das features do forza 4, para quem não ficou satisfeito com a e3 :P
    E sim não fala só de kinect XD
  • alexiscereal 18 Jun 2011 02:22:58 45 posts
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    Haters gonna hate:

    "Simply put, Forza Motorsport 4 is utter car porn. Total, complete and utter car porn in fact. I mean, we didn’t give it the best looking 360 game of E3 for nothing… the cars are nothing short of incredible from a visual standpoint and anybody who says otherwise is in need of a new set of glasses. Being a good game though is about more than providing just a bit of nice eye candy. It’s about substance, style and delivery, and hot on the heels of the successful Forza 3, Turn 10 isn’t about to rest on its laurels now. Far from it. We nipped behind-closed-doors at this year’s E3 to check out the new aspects of Forza 4 that Turn 10 is putting emphasis on, from the new Autovista mode, Kinect aspects to the general on the track shenanigans.

    Autovista was our first port of call – Turn 10’s new pure car experience that allows you to get up close and personal with some of the best machines in the world. It’s a mode that allows you to use either the controller or the Kinect to navigate around a selection of supercars, to learn about them, get closer than you’ve ever been to them, turn on their engines, open all their doors and get a personal tour of them. With over 1,000,000 polygons per car, Autovista allows you to get within 6 inches of the car to see all the intricate details of them.

    Yes, I did say best machines, meaning that not every car will get the Autovista treatment this coming fall, but everyone that does, will get the Top Gear legend - Jeremy Clarkson - voice over treatment.

    “With Jeremy you never know what you’re going to get… these are straight written from him and they go in as-is basically,” says John Wendl, Turn 10’s Content Director. “If he likes a car, it’s great. If he doesn’t, it isn’t.” Speaking about the selection of Autovista motors, Wendl described them as the “most technological advanced machines out there.”

    “None of them are terrible,” said Wendl. “They’re all really high-end cars, but there are a lot of high-end cars he doesn’t like, for example, the Ferrari California, and he does not hold a very high opinion of the Ferrari California.”

    Part of getting the cars looking so damn brilliant is Turn 10’s new image based lighting model, that allows Turn 10 to take the world itself and project it onto the car, allowing the car to seem more grounded in its environment and bringing the high level of detail out. While this is obvious in the Autovista mode, it’s possibly even more apparent with the car out on the track – just seeing the clouds and the blue sky projected onto the bonnet of a Ferrari sat on the track of the new custom Swiss Alps course was a sight to behold, especially with the impressive draw distances and photo realistic cars to boot.

    The image based lighting allows Turn 10 to create more realistic cockpit views – with a tweaked camera to see all the cockpit and even camera shaking at high speeds – as well as creating one of their new events: Heat races.

    Heat races were one of two new race types Turn 10 were showing off at E3, but there are unfortunately no weather effects planned for Forza 4. “We’re not doing weather in the game per se,” said Wendl, “but we are expanding out the kind of environments that you’ll be racing in, as well as we’re doing a feature which is alternate time of day.” Otherwise known as the Heat race, where you get to race two legs of a race on two different times of day – like Suzuka in high sun and low sun, something the image based lighting now allows them to do.

    The other race type, which will appear as one of a few new event types that will feature in the newly revamped World Tour, is its Passing mode, where players will have to pass a certain amount of cars in a set time to proceed. "You’re basically bringing a gun to a knife fight" said Wendl, as you’ll take a supercar to the track to overtake a bunch on smaller, less powerful cars. It allows us to see the new AI in action as well, as Wendl gives control to the CPU AI, which means Forza 4 will introduce smarter opponents as well. The World Tour though, like Forza 3, will offer players a lot of choice and be unique for players, offering them choice in gift cars, new race types (including the two above) and the chance to jet around the world.

    Forza 4’s Kinect features are more than just the Autovista mode though, allowing for optional invisible steering wheel and pedal controls, head tracking and voice navigation – allowing you to navigate through 6 layers of menus with just a simple command, something that will appeal to even the most cynical Kinect vocalists.

    Elsewhere in the title, opening up the online to 16 players means that it opens up a lot of opportunities for co-operative gameplay too – 8 vs. 8 stuff – online. Even the community features have been given a few new shining lights, including car clubs – i.e. clans, with shared garages and shared livery and paint job options – a news channel and a Rivals mode – i.e. Forza’s version of Autolog, but with players earning bounties for beating their friends. Aside from all that, Turn 10 mentioned that we’ll see improvements to the physics model, especially the tyres, improvements to the damage model – i.e. improved particle effects for damage and rollovers, as well as improved texture properties on damaged cars – and even animated car parts, like the wings on a Bugatti Veyron.

    Forza 4 then, with its 60fps gameplay, 720p visuals, full screen anti-aliasing and image based lighting certainly looks the package, and with the Autovista, Kinect shortcuts, head-tracking, newly revamped career mode – with game modes – and community features it’s more than just a pretty face. There’s a lot to get excited about with Forza 4, but I can’t help think that the lack of weather effects is holding them back, I mean, they are one of few racers now that aren’t including them. I’m fairly sure though that it’s not really going to hold the game back at all, as it’s shaping up to be the ultimate car porn for car fans the world over. Rev those engines folks.

    Forza Motorsport 4 is scheduled for a October 11th and October 14th release in North America and Europe respectively."

  • gargles 18 Jun 2011 10:09:22 23,579 posts
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    Epá, isso do Autovista ser só para certos carros desaponta-me um bocado. Sim, sei que seria difícil fazê-lo. Mesmo assim... Também me desaponta a inexistência de condições meteorológicas.

    Anyway, Duas falhas. Porém, nada que me façade perder a vontade de comprar este jogo. The King is back.
  • Lendmeapen 24 Jun 2011 12:13:00 102 posts
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    É longo, mas vale a pena ver!
  • afterKingsize 24 Jun 2011 12:31:22 1,934 posts
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    minuto 11:45 aparece um gajo a jogar com aquela espécie de volante wireless..


    esse volante foi anunciado?
  • H3RO 24 Jun 2011 13:14:22 78 posts
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    Curti do Video!
  • Apagar utilizador 24 Junho 2011 13:21:16
    afterKingsize wrote:
    minuto 11:45 aparece um gajo a jogar com aquela espécie de volante wireless..


    esse volante foi anunciado?

    Já, na E3 e foi também revelado dos programas do InsideSimRacing durante a E3
  • afterKingsize 24 Jun 2011 13:22:34 1,934 posts
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    sim eu vi o volante no video que eles fizeram mas não ouvi nada sobre release date e preço.
  • MeTeoR_PT 24 Jun 2011 13:39:02 41 posts
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    Este volante já me agrada, mais que o outro volante. Será que vais estar disponível para compra?
  • Apagar utilizador 24 Junho 2011 13:41:29
    Ahh os preços não se sabe, já agora uma info

    Vai existir duas versões do mesmo.

    "I’m really glad to see a high quality force feedback steering wheel being developed for the xBox, now that Microsoft have discontinued their own brand version…

    Debuting today at E3 2011 in the Forza Motorsport 4 section of the Xbox booth are two new Forza Motorsport-branded wheel coming from Fanatec: the “Forza Motorsport CSR” and the “Forza Motorsport CSR Elite.”


    Improved force feedback electronics and mechanics make the wheel stronger and faster
    Metal CSR shifter set and large metal paddle shifters make shifting gears easier than ever
    Lightweight aluminum wheel rim with Alcantara inserts allow faster, more responsive turns


    Wheel base fully made of metal with carbon fiber and Alcantara wheel rim
    DirectSensor™ technology with sensor mounted directly on the steering axis. This avoids all the interference and performance loss you get from the belt/gear drive found on traditional motor-mounted sensor systems
    Dual force feedback motors with 120Watt (silent big fan cooling) and very low cogging force to avoid “notchy” feeling "
  • MeTeoR_PT 24 Jun 2011 13:54:24 41 posts
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    Ambos parecem excelentes, ambos têm caixa de velocidades, force feedback e os pedais. Já ficava contente com o normal, mas o elite deve ser um espectáculo. Resta saber os preços deles.
  • afterKingsize 24 Jun 2011 14:49:07 1,934 posts
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    se o normal custar menos de 200€ eu devo comprar.
  • NoneEvo 25 Jun 2011 21:13:53 77 posts
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    Ola,tenho um volante Microsoft MS WHEEL +Pedais original usado uma vez para venda,quem quiser que diga algo para

  • dodi280 15 Jul 2011 00:04:04 1,365 posts
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    Vídeo gameplay de Forza 4, também mostram o gameplay daquele volante sem fio que foi apresentado a algum tempo...
  • benfica1983 15 Jul 2011 00:43:38 1,002 posts
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    esse volante sem fios parece me muito mau, eu pelo menos nunca jogaria com aquilo
  • MeTeoR_PT 15 Jul 2011 02:36:13 41 posts
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    Quando a Microsoft o mostrou em imagens, pensava que o volante iria ser maior do que se vê no vídeo. Agora que vi o vídeo parece que o volante é confortável de se pegar e jogar, mas mesmo assim a minha escolha recai para um dos outros 2 volantes anunciados.
  • dodi280 15 Jul 2011 11:10:22 1,365 posts
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    O gameplay é que não esta muito diferente do FM3... Mesmo em termos de gráficos, são poucas as diferenças.
  • Apagar utilizador 15 Julho 2011 11:28:07
    "The game feel very different to Forza 3..."

    "new lighting and shading models"

    Mas não adianta já está visto que vai ser mais um mito sobre o gênero Forza 3.5
  • Lismo 18 Ago 2011 00:20:06 7,183 posts
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    Queria este sistema em minha casa :p
  • afterKingsize 18 Ago 2011 22:34:02 1,934 posts
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    só pedia o volante.. andava com a ideia de comprar depois um desses novos mas quando soube os preços, perdi a vontade.
  • Konphuse 18 Ago 2011 22:51:27 2,930 posts
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    Lismo wrote:
    Queria este sistema em minha casa :p

    Ahaha isso deve dar uma pica do caraças :D
    Melhor que aquilo só na realidade praticamente :P
  • Apagar utilizador 29 Agosto 2011 23:48:51
    O gameplay é que não esta muito diferente do FM3...

    Tens razão, estavamos todos à espera numa direção diferente no gameplay num jogo de simulador de condução, devia ser possível disparar, ou talvez marcar golos.
  • MeTeoR_PT 30 Ago 2011 00:49:39 41 posts
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    Já dá para fazer cambalhota... correcção, meia-cambalhota XD
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